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Our team

The Biomems research team is part of the Department of Micro-Nanosystems of IMB-CNM, and we have as main objective the application of micro/nanofabrication technologies for advanced (bio)sensing tools & devices towards the detection, identification, quantification, and control of molecules, cells , textiles and other biocomponents.

Currently the research team consists of a total of 10 researchers who are working on R & D topics and projects under realization from micro-nanosensor devices to bioanalytical microsystems integrated in Lab-on-a-chip format.

Francesc Xavier Muñoz Pascual
Francesc Xavier Muñoz Pascual

Co-Director BioMEMs

Dr. Francesc Xavier Muñoz Pascual is currently the director of the BioMEMs group (Biosystems & Bioengineering)

Llibertat Abad Muñoz
Llibertat Abad

Post-doctoral Researcher

Llibertat Abad Muñoz is the responsible of the Thermoelectricity and Materials Engineering research line

Rosa Villa

Co-Director BioMEMs

Rosa Villa is the resposible of the Biomedical Applications research line.

Neus Sabate
Neus Sabate

ICREA Researcher

Neus Sabate is the responsible of the Micro Fuel-Cells research line.

Andrey Bratov - foto
Andrey Bratov

Senior Reseacher

Dr. Andrey Bratov is currently the responsible of the Chemical Sensors & Multisensing Platforms

4 Joan Bausells
Joan Bausells

Professor of Research

Joan Bausells is the responsible of the Nanoelectronic devices for (bio)sensing research line

Jaume Esteve

Professor of Research

Jaume Esteve is responsible of the Micro energy generation and harvsting research line